Types of Cat Litter

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With so many different Types of Cat Litter products in the market, it becomes challenging for pet owners to decide which option is suitable for their feline friends and their lifestyle. Each of the types of litter has its benefits and drawbacks. The Best Cat Litter for Kittens solely depends on your individual preferences and one some specific factors. So, for your assistance below is the list of different Types of Cat Litter products which are available in the market. Based on your unique criteria you need to make the selection of Best Multi Car Litter products that suit your needs.

Clay Litter

The very first Types of Cat Litter is the clay cat litter which is the simplified dried pulverised clay, and it absorbs the urine and poops of the cat while giving your feline friends with something to bury faeces with. It comes with a slotted spoon that enables the cat owners to fish out the faeces regularly to keep the odor to the minimal. Moreover, the kitten is allowed to track clay crumbs around their paws, making it easier to sweep up after. The clay cat litter is the reasonable and Best Natural Kitty Litter, and it is usually used as the starter litter for the kittens who attempt to eat the graduals.

Clumping Litter

Clumping Litter is another Type of Cat Litter which is usually made out of clay base, and it pulls or clumps together into balls when it gets wet. This allows the owners to remove not only the feces but also the urine which is causing the foul odor. There are different brands that manufacturer is clumping litter and it comes with varying levels of clumping capacity some pull together than the others. This may be due to where and how the kitty urinates in the box. Some of the clumping litter is easier for kitty to track outside the box. So, ensure to place the litter box on bathmat so that the kitty can wipe his feet when she gets out so that the tracking can be reduced. You may find the Low Tracking Cat Litter online to reduce this problem.

Crystal Litters

Another popular type of Cat Litter is the crystal litter which is made out of silicone-based litters, and it can easily absorb the urine and the moisture of the faeces and also odors. This is the World’s Best Kitty Litter can absorb the urine and the related odors at a rapid pace. There are some products which are the combination of clumping, crystals and deodorising. But these products usually vary in how much tracking litter they can create for cleanup and it depends on the grain size and paw adherence.

Recycled Paper

If you are looking for the biodegradable option in the Types of Cat Litter, then prefer using the recycled paper. This is the paper-based litter that is designed in large pellets which don’t get caught easily in the paw pads, thereby making it track free. This is the Cheap Kitty Litter that you can have.

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