Best Cat Litter for Odor Control – Definitive Buying Guide 2020!

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Feline pet care market is flooded with a variety of litter products which offers a varying degree of benefits to the feline owners. Some of the litter products provide outstanding absorption along with odor control properties, while others offers ease of scooping and environmental kindliness. But, most of the products are not actually the one which is considered to be the Special Kitty Litter. Below is in this buying guide you will come across with some crucial characteristics which you need to consider while buying the Best Cat Litter for Odor Control. There are also Cat Litter Reviews of some popular and reliable products which you may check out and make wise purchasing decision.

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The prime aspect when it comes to cat litter is the clumping. The clumping of litter enables the owners to clear up the Best Litter Box for Odor Control with efficiency and speed because you only remove the soiled bits of litter. They work in a unique way to lock the smell away inside the clumps, thereby keeping the house fresher for long time. There are basically three different materials that are used to design the Best Cat Litter for Odor Control – namely clay, silica material and natural materials. Amongst all these materials the oldest is the clay that is used to design the clumping cat litter. It gives you feline the supernatural feel and it is the Cheap Litter Box available out there today.

The second option is the silica crystal material. This is the box that comprises of little packets of silica gel in the boxes of electronics which are designed to quickly absorb the moisture and keep the product dry. This is also the Best Cat Litter for Smell control. It is the environmentally friendly material and also the most absorbent product. If you are looking for the Best Cat Litter then you may resolute with this product. The last is the Natural Material which is designed with natural substances like wheat, pine, grass and corn. It has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the materials are best at clumping but track lots, while others are virtually dust free but form weak clumps and breaks apart while cleaning. But it is considered to be the Best Natural Cat Litter for odor control.

Clumping Speed

Here the clumping speed refers to the amount of speed required by the litter to quickly form all important clumps. The faster it forms the clumps, the lesser time the ammonia smell has to escape to the environment. So, the Best Litter for Odor Control is the one that can quickly clumps the litter to prevent the smell from spreading.

Clump Hardness

The hardness of clump of the litter when it dries up is important factor to consider when buying the Best Cat Litter for Odor Control. When you pull the tray of the box to clean the litter of the cat, you are going to focus on the clumps only. So, when you perform this when the clumps are softer, it has the chance to break down and release the foul smells that lurk inside it. This is the most experience. So, it is necessary that you buy Best Litter Box for large cats that comes with a hard clumping formula to avoid the horrible litter tray cleaning experiences.


Here tracking is the word that is referred to the amount of litter that sticks to the cat’s paw after leaving the litter tray. It is a disappointing experience for the kitty owners to see clean litter around their home which is transferred by the kitty. Having soiled clumps everywhere is also the worse experience. So ensure to buy the Best low tracking Cat Litter that has low tracking to minimise the amount of nastiness across your home. You may check for the Top Rated Cat Litter in the market that ensures to reduce the tracking and the foul smell together.


If you or anyone at your home suffering from allergies, then you require buying the Best Cat Litter that has the low dust content. The extreme nature of the dry litter means the cheaper material can be extremely dusty which can activate the allergies easily. There are some Special Kitty Litter available that are hypoallergenic, but they are not the common products indeed, and you need to do extreme research to find one. The Best Litter for Odor Control is the one that is hypoallergenic and has low dust content.

Odor Control

Being the owner of the feline, you won’t prefer to experience the smelly litter box. The urine and stool of the feline are very pungent, and it can easily fill the room. So, when buying Best Kitty Litter for Odor Control, you are always required to check the odor control capabilities and characteristics of the litter. You are not always available for replacing the litter tray regularly, and the best way to prevent the foul smell from spreading the room is to buy the best dust free cat litter with odor control. Simply purchasing the scented litter is not the permanent fixing; instead, you need to consider buying the Best Cat Litter which is designed with natural materials, and it is dustless.

So, these are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying Best Cat Litter for Odor Control.

Reviews of Best Cat Litter for Odor Control!

1. StovePipeCat’s Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter

StovePipeCat’s Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter is the specially designed kitty litter made out of silica gel which comes with the capacity to reduce or suppress the litter box smell for an at least 3-4 week with just one inch of material in the litter tray. You will not even come to know or smell any foul odor when you use this cat litter material in the litter tray of your feline. Moreover, the product is low in dust, and you will find no dust when using the cat litter. You will only experience a puff of dust when pouring the bag and thereafter you will notice no dust at all. The best part of the cat litter is that it has the minimum tracking of only 44% lighter than clay. Moreover, cleaning the litter tray also becomes more comfortable for you as no odor is found with this non tracking  cat litter. You need to scoop and stir the tray and cleaning is done in seconds like a breeze.

StovePipeCat’s Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter is the nine-pound bag of silica gel which is easy to carry and pour as it comes with a handle that never breaks. This is the cat litter which can amazingly alter the home experience of your kitty. This cat litter can neutralise the urine smell in just 30 seconds, and it keeps evaporating the liquid from the tray, thereby keeping the litter box dry always. The size and texture of the particle are close to sand so when the kitty steps on it they feel natural, and they feel comfortable too. Moreover, the litter particles will never change its shape, texture or size.


  • Can control odors for 4 weeks with one-inch particles
  • No dust at all
  • Minimal tracking
  • Neutralises the smell in 30 seconds


  • Not suitable for controlling the odor of big size cats

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2. Fresh Magic Premium Crystal Cat Litter

Fresh Magic’s Premium Crystal Cat Litter is patented design to permanent kill the foul smell of the kitty urine and stool. This is the cat litter designed with premium crystal, and the crystals are activated once it comes with contact to kill the odor. This means that you will only smell the crystals that are working to kill the bacteria and preventing the foul odor when your kitty is in the litter box moving the crystal around. The odor gets stronger slowly and the role of these crystal particles is to activate when it comes in contact with the waste and kill the lousy odor naturally while preventing it from spreading across the room. This also prevents the odor of the urine when the kitty is littering in the tray.

This cat litter is very soft in nature, and hence the paw’s of your cat is not bothered by it as they walk through it. There are many crystals in the market which are very hard, and many cats don’t even prefer sitting on it to do their business. A negligible amount of dust is found with this cat litter which diminishes after the pouring of the material is done. The primary benefit of the cat litter is that it comes with Super Odor Control mechanism and it is made out of silica sand. When it comes to contact of the litter, it converts into crystals which comprise of millions of microscopic pores which release moisture from the cat litter. In this process, the bacteria is killed, and these crystals also pull the moisture from the drooping, and this minimises the odor.


  • Super Odor Control Benefits
  • Advanced Technology for Odor Control
  • Makes Cleaning Easier
  • Super Soft


  • Litter mat is required
  • Round crystal rolls far away from the litter box

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3.Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter 4-in-1 Strength for Multiple Cats 35 lb

Now control the foul odors of your feline litters with the new Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter 4-in-1 Strength for Multiple Cats 35 lb. Pail. This is the specially designed cat litter that is designed to control the three prime offenders namely ammonia, urine and faecal odors. But, it is also useful in eliminating the mess of the weak clumps as well efficiently. This ensures that the cat extra large litter box would smell fresh always and stay clean so that your feline would remain happy and healthy and prefer to use the litter box every day without hassles. The best part of this cat litter is that it comes with powerful clumping action which can efficiently control the odor and make cleaning of the litter tray easy and faster.

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter 4-in-1 Strength for Multiple Cats 35 lb. The pail is 99% dust free formula which pours clean every time in the litter tray to reduce the unnecessary mess. You can put this quad action cat litter to work in your home and also ensure that the cat litter box remains inviting and tidy always. This cat litter is designed to handle multiple cat households, and it always stands up to frequent and everyday use in your home. This litter gives you cat the cosy feel and it is inviting too for the cat. With this cat litter, you can easily express your love for your feline and let them know that you care about their every need. It not only neutralises the smell but also locks the moisture to keep the feline comfortable and dry.


  • Attacks foul smell of urine, faecal odors and ammonia
  • Natural clay product with deodorising system
  • Offers advanced odor control benefits
  • Locks moisture to keep feline comfortable


  • Leaves little clumps of broken up urine

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4.Tidy Cats 4 Count Breeze Litter Pad Refill

If you are having the Tidy Cats BREEZE litter system available at home, then ensure using the Tidy Cats 4 Count Breeze Litter Pad Refill which comes with Ammonia Blocker system. This is the refill pack of four which is suitable for all your feline friends. Each of the pad is designed to instantly absorb the urine that passes through the BREEZE litter pellets, and this ensures to keep your cat dry, safe and comfortable inside the little box. The refill pack comprises of 4 disposable packets which make cleaning more comfortable and has the Super Odor Control system which keeps your home and rooms smell refreshing always. This is the cat litter refill pack that has no dust as it is already packed and no dust is found when pouring it into the litter box of the litter system. The refill pad features ammonia blocker, and it promises to prevent the ammonia odor for at least a week for one average size cat. Each of this refill pad is designed to keep the house neat and tidy. The amazing clumping technology of the litter pad allows easy and faster cleaning of litter system.

Tidy Cats 4 Count Breeze Litter Pad Refill is designed to control the urine odors and leave your house with a refreshing smell and keep it clean always. This cat litter refill pad is designed for multiple cat households and can keep the odor at bay for at least seven days in a week if you have a average size feline. Since it is a readymade pad, it is easy to install and remove for cleaning. The package comprises of 4-count refill pack which makes it easy to shock upon the litter essentials.


  • Controls urine odors and features ammonia blocker
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Designed for multiple cat households
  • Comprises 4-count refill pack


  • Not suitable for large size feline
  • Can only control odor for one week

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5.LitterLocker 24-Pack Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Locker

LitterLocker 24-Pack Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Locker is the specifically designed for Cat Litter Locker system, and it features ammonia blocker. It is designed to help the feline owners to dispose the litter clumps with ease from their litter tray and keep the litter system and the house clean and tidy always without any foul smell. By blocking the foul smell of the litter it can keep your house smell refreshing for many days and it blocks the litter smell using advanced odor control technology. This ensures to keep the odor of the litter and urine at bay effectively to keep the environment around you refreshing. This refill pack pad well manages the soiled litter of the feline and it can control the soiled litter effectively while keeping the litter smell at bay. This ensures a pleasant smelling room always. Moreover, the cleaning of the litter tray also becomes easier with LitterLocker 24-Pack Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Locker. It is softer and gives the feline the natural feel and comfort.

LitterLocker 24-Pack Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Locker is the part of the Cat Litter Locker, and it is easy to install and use. It locks the ammonia odors and the urine odors effective and cleaning of the soiled litter is also easy and comfortable for the feline owners.


  • Allows disposing of the litter clumps easily
  • Comes with ammonia blocker technology
  • Controls the soiled litter
  • Easy to use and install


  • Controls odors for very less time
  • Works only with Cat Litter Locker System

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6. World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, 15 lb, 6 Pack

If you are looking for some flowery smelling cat litter for longer lasting effects, then this lavender scented cat litter from World’s Best is the ultimate option for you. It comes with some great features which are enough to challenge the unscented versions of World’s Best. It is the safe cat litter alternatives and this formulation comprises of whole kernel corn as the substrate and this gives it the ability to be flushed in the toilet bowl and directly to the septic tank. Since it is the eco-friendly alternative, you are not required to worry about the contributions to the land and water population as this cat litter is entirely renewable. This product comprises of 100% lavender oil which provides the cat litter with the refreshing smell of the lavender and refreshes the room.

This is the highly effective cat litter which is designed to eliminate the cat’s urine and poop smell when nature calls inside the litter box in no time. The cat litter tends to smell horrible after, and the job of this cat litter is to eliminate the smell permanently and reduces the smell from spreading. It does a quick job eliminating the foul stench of the cat litter and it renewable as well. It is also low dust material which has no dust while pouring the material into the litter tray.


  • Flushable with quick clumping formulation
  • 99% dust free
  • Uses whole kernel corn as litter
  • Comes with money back guarantee


  • Not suitable for multiple cat households
  • Only good for average size feline

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7.World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is the great unscented odor-control option that comes with many amazing features. It is the best alternative for environmentally friendly feline owners, and they will appreciate this formula because of its features. This formula uses the whole corn granules which are fast in absorbing the odors compared to the clay composite of other brands. This makes this option entirely eco-friendly that tends to be the great bonus of the feline owners that support natural and organic products.  Because it uses corn kernel corn, it can offer you with fantastic odor control and quick clumping and easy scooping of the cat litter from the litter tray. The formula is 99% dust-free and it is designed to deliver concentrated powder of corn which ensures longer lasting performance.

World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is 100% natural solution that works and guarantees to block the urine or poop smell effectively to leave the room refreshing. It is designed with whole kernel corn and other natural ingredients which guarantee higher performance. The corn that used in the formula is renewable, and hence it can be replenished on an annual basis to be used again. You will also see that this formula is flushable and this gives you another excellent option for quicker disposal. Because of its easy clean feature, you will have less frustration while cleaning the litter tray. It also removes the odors and allows you to clean the tray with ease.


  • Made out of whole kernel corn and renewable material
  • Concentrated power for cleanser litter box
  • Ideal for homes with 1-2 cats
  • Amazing odor control features


  • Not good for large size cats

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8.Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter

It is undeniable fact that carrying the cat litter for multiple cats households is quite challenging for the pat owners. This is the reason why Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter has been formulated for 24/7 performance and clumping litter to weigh 50% less compared to the leading clumping cat litter. This is the cat litter designed to deliver you round the clock odor control at half the weight, and it ensures that your cat gets clean and odorless litter box every time they sit on it, and your pet would love using it no doubt. This cat litter is designed to deliver the users with more of what they need to keep their pet’s litter box clean ready for every use. The cat litter is designed with powerful absorbent technology which provides protection and cleanliness to the litter tray and protects your home from the strong ammonia, urine and feces smells. This cat litter is designed for multiple cat households, and it is 99% dust free litter that delivers long-lasting odor control neutralisation system.

The instant action formula of the Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter works amazingly to control the urine and faecal odors of your feline and keep the cat territory clean and fresh for every use. The cat litter comes with added ammonia blocker which controls the ammonia odors and prevents it from forming for at least 14-15 days when used in the prescribed format. It guarantees to the lock the strong odors using its TidyLock protection system, and it works right away to control the foul smell and odors.


  • Immediate odor control
  • Protection from ammonia and faecal smells
  • Formulated for multiple cats
  • Light and tight clumps for easy scooping


  • Sometimes the fluid leaks the box

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9.Yesterday’s Cat Litter Fresh Scent Softer Texture

Keep the cat’s litter box clean and tidy with the use of Yesterday’s Cat Litter Fresh Scent Softer Texture cat litter. This is the cat litter deodoriser formula which is designed with pet-friendly paper pellets, and it is renewable materials which can be recycled and hence it is the eco-friendly option for the cat’s litter box. This product comprises of soft pellets from the recycled papers, and the soft design of the paper pellets is soft and gentle for the pet’s paws while giving the highest absorbency rate of 300% compared to the traditional clay cat litter. This technology also minimises the formation of the dust and enables you to expect 0.3% dust within the system.

However, Yesterday’s Cat Litter Fresh Scent Softer Texture is the non-clumping form of the cat litter, and it is highly absorbent which may keep the cat’s litter box clean and tidy for frequent and regular use. It is the 99% dust free cat litter which comes with low tracking and keeps the dirty paws of the pet clean to prevent the paw prints on the clean floors of your house. The soft texture of the cat litter is extremely gentle on the sensitive paws. It comes with effective odor controls, and it can control the foul smell of the litters and urine of the cats. So, fill the litter box of your cat with Yesterday’s Cat Litter Fresh Scent Softer Texture to keep her delight in the fresh, light scented litter box.


  • It absorbs 3 times faster moisture by mass
  • Delivers effective odor control
  • Designed for low tracking with no small particles
  • Soft paper pellets for gentle feel on sensitive paws


  • It is the non clumping form of cat litter

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10. Arm & Hammer Naturals Multi-Cat Litter

Irrespective of the number of a feline you have at your home, an odor free home starts with the best cat litter, and Arm & Hammer is the best odor elimination, expert. Arm & Hammer Naturals Multi-Cat Litter is one such product by the company that is lightly scented natural cat litter. This cat litter is designed with corn fibers, plant-based clumping agent, mineral oils and baking soda which keeps the urine and poop smell at bay and your house is refreshing always. This is the formula which can absorb the foul smell of the poops and urine two times faster than the liquid clay litter and it is about 50% lighter than the traditional cat litter. This cat litter not only focuses on keeping your house smelling clean and refreshing but also its strong clumping formula makes the clean up more comfortable and faster after every use. The cat litter is designed to kick out the foul smell and keep it at bay for at least one week.

Arm & Hammer Naturals Multi-Cat Litter is designed with natural agents, and it weighs 50% less than the traditional clay litter. It’s amazing clumping technology makes cleaning quite easier and faster. It is 99% low in dust, and hence the feline friends would breathe easy in your house.


  • Two times faster in absorbing
  • Low dust formula
  • Weighs 50% less than clay litter


  • Quite expensive and
  • controls smell for one week only

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