Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture

Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture – Great idea for small homes!

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There are so many types of litter boxes, ranging from the mat type of litter box to the most common type of box mostly made out of metal or plastic. Whereas these litter box types would already do, there are pets who prefer to scurry away and hide for some “me time.” For pet owners with tastes that are as discriminating as their pets, functionality goes well along with presentability. That’s where the hidden cat litter box furniture range comes in handy.

Basically, these litter products serve at least two purposes: for pet privacy and comfort as well as for a home furnishing or décor purpose. We’ve done the research so that you’d have something to work on with and start making your choices.


Whereas traditional litter boxes normally only have the waste receptacle and cleaning functions, kitty litter box furniture pieces also serve as artwork or an attractive piece to complement a home’s décor.

Surely, a pet carer would normally want the best for one’s furry friend. However, if there’s an option to cater to that usual function but also to allow the beautification of every nook and cranny of the home, there’s enough reason for one to consider that, too.

Aside from function and aesthetics, another good reason for the litter box furniture is its cost-effectiveness. If one could buy a piece of furniture that could serve as a litter box for one’s pet as well as to decorate the place, why not opt for that as well?


Going to the store to buy kitty litter box furniture might be a tricky experience, though. Just like any other purchasing decision, it is necessary to have enough background information, a list of requirements and possible options, and a cost-benefit analysis to determine what could serve one’s interests best and obtain more value for money spent.

The first thing to do is to check the actual size of the room that you intend to place the furniture. Just like measuring the dimensions of a living room before buying a sofa, you’d also want to gauge the amount of space that your litter box should fit in. This is especially crucial to smaller homes or nooks where moving around fixtures and other furniture pieces is not the best option. Try adding in enough room to the actual measurements just in case something turns up not too perfectly right.

Consider the space that you’d be placing the furniture into. Check the color flow and choose the best option that would not spoil the overall feel and sight of the room.

For budget-conscious pet owners

For budget-conscious pet owners, another good thing to consider is the price of the kitty litter box furniture. We believe the best method to get this done is to compare the price of the kitty litter box furniture with your preferred cat litter box and your furniture. You can then determine which one is the more economical choice. Although our little research has always shown that a hidden cat litter box furniture will always be more budget-friendly in such cases, it’s still best to plan ahead based on your actual financial situation and budget allocations.

Accessibility is also an important consideration when choosing the best hidden cat litter box furniture. A litter box that can’t be used by a pet that it was bought for is definitely not a good litter box at all. So, don’t get carried away too soon by a furniture’s beautiful exterior unless you are really sure that its height and other specifications are suitable to what your cat would be comfortable with.

Maintenance considerations are primordial as well. How easy is it to clean the furniture? Would it remain odor-free enough to make your home smelling nice in addition to its lovely interior?


In case you are already sure that you want litter box furniture over the usual litter boxes, it is also necessary to check out litter box ideas for multiple cats which can guide you if you’ve got two or more cats to look after, too. Some of the fanciest litter box ideas we’ve found are the following:

New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo Table

Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo Litter Box

A table is one of the most functional furniture pieces one could ever have in a home. Thus, this product is surely one of the best ones to land on your list of options.

Picture it in your living room where you could watch TV, and your cat could just comfortably crawl up its nook just right beside you. Not costing more than what you’d normally pay for a usual end table, this one is budget-friendly as well. With at least two and possibly two other colors to choose from, you’d sure to find a suitable one to blend in or complement your room’s décor. Made from ecoFlex, your cat’s urine won’t sink into the material and cleaning up is just as easy as wiping the liquid off. Flip down the front part and you’d have easy access inside the table, too.

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Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

For those who already have enough tables and other furniture to cater to their needs, there’s another good option. If one wants to have something that’s easy on the eyes not just in both the figurative and literal senses of the concept, this synthetic-plant litter box is an ingenious solution. Unlike the usual pots that it’s supposed to look like, this product is made of durable and unbreakable material that won’t let you worry even if your cat suddenly gets excited and kicks it off stronger than expected.
It’s good for huge and multiple cats, too. Plus, it has a filter system that helps with litter odor and dust control. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

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Internet’s Best Decorative Cat House & Side Table

Internets Best Decorative Cat House & Side Table

If your home goes well with stained wood furniture, then this piece will surely blend in seamlessly because of its classic-looking wood-like texture. If you’ve also meant to buy another side table for your room but also want the best for your pet, then look no further as this one could fit the bill to serve both purposes.

It could help you tuck your cat’s bed or litter box out of plain sight. If your cat prefers its own dark and quiet nook for privacy, this product could do that as well.

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Merry Pet Cat Washroom/Nightstand Pet House

Merry Pet Cat Washroom Night Stand Pet House

We have discussed some pretty designed hidden cat litter box furniture. These could easily be lined up well with world class items in terms of aesthetic feel. However, our list just won’t be perfect if we fail to include this product. It is one of kitty litter box furniture pieces which could function as a rack to keep materials and items on top or out of sight as well as provide a cozy nook for your pet.

Reviews have shown that the product is big enough to house multiple cats. And it can last over a year without having a dent on it if used with a good cat litter. If the room’s décor isn’t suited for plastic-based or wood-like materials, then this product’s stainless steel construction could do the trick for you.

If anyone would ever think that litter boxes are just boxes, they should think again because these litter box ideas for multiple cats are also good for home beautification as well as function. They make pets happier and, because they are easy on the eyes and on the budget, they make pet carers and their families happy, too.

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There may be a lot of questions that you might be wanting to ask right now. Especially after reading through the details discussed in this article. We know that. In the meantime, here are the answers to some of those frequently asked questions:

Which type of cat litters will you recommend for the product?

First, consider getting a litter pan and a litter mat just outside for your cat to walk on. And to catch wayward litter. Use moisture-absorbing, dust-free, and hard-clumping litter to maximize odor control and easier scooping and disposal. However, unlike when your pans and mats are on their own, these hidden cat litter box furniture options are both visually appealing and functional as well.

Are you sure the product’s material could really prevent moisture absorption?

– Definitely. With a good litter, a pan, and a mat, the boxes will ensure you’d have a clean room. This will also ensure a clean, and beautiful environment for your pet.  Most of these kitty litter box furniture pieces also have guarantees and warranty periods.

Well, every pet owner wants the best option for their pets. There are those who’d want a pleasant-looking home, too. This selection of hidden cat litter box furniture pieces should give you the best options to choose from. Well, if you just heard your pet cat purr, then it’s a good indication. It says that you may be doing the right thing. That’s just purr-fect!

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