What is cat litter? – Cat Litter Meaning Explained

what is cat litter

In the prehistoric era, toilets and bathrooms wouldn’t matter all that much as they would today. That was before, and things have obviously changed a lot since then. As the need for that dedicated space for our natural bodily processes evolved. The same also has gone for our favorite indoor pets. Voila! The litter box has now come to be.

A litter box is a box or contraption meant as an indoor pet’s toilet. It is an enclosed environment used by pets as a home infrastructure. As a place where they can drop their solid and liquid excrement when “nature calls”. You may be wondering what really is in a litter box that prevents the cat’s wastes from polluting your house. Well, it is the litter inside the box. Taking a more in-depth look at cat litter meaning, the term has a specific meaning. It refers to the loose, granular material placed in litter boxes that are crucial for odor and moisture absorption from the cat’s urine and feces.

If a cat’s box is used without the litter, cleaning it thereafter would be much more stressful than it now is. This is because excreta tends to stick to the box and sometimes leave permanent stains as well as odor on the box. With a litter in a cat box, the cat buries its excreta naturally by using its paws to dig through and cover the excreta. However, some cat litters are not dust-free and are, thus, hazardous to the cat’s health and sometimes to those in its immediate environment.

There are advantages and possible risks to the use of cat litter. Thus, in the course of the article, you’d learn more about its modes of operation and importance to cat owners as a whole.


There are so many ways to manage your cat box, and some of those include doing it without the litter. However, given its benefits, using litter has become one of the more popular options. A litter helps to absorb moisture that could otherwise produce extremely offensive smell from the cat’s waste product. Cats are known to be a very neat pet; they bury their waste products by digging and covering it with sands with the help of their paws.

However, without a dedicated space for a cat to do that, the home is at risk of getting run down by more waste than what a normal pet owner could handle. The litter box provides that ideal nook for your cat to dispose its waste and spares the rest of the home from further trouble. There are also some litter variants which could also serve as anti-bacterial to fight microorganism in and around the cat box. With the aforementioned cat litter meaning, purpose, and advantages, it is no wonder that a lot of pet owners really value the litter that they provide for their pets.


Now that we have already covered the “what is a cat litter?” question and the reasons why it is good to consider using litter for cat boxes, we will now proceed to the important criteria when making your actual product choices.

First, your chosen litter must be safe enough for your pet’s health. Litters that could quickly absorb moisture and turn waste into hard clumps for easy scooping and disposal are a good option. However, there are litters that have dust that could be harmful to the pet’s respiratory and urinary systems. On the other hand, a litter with large granular particles produces less dust and is, therefore, something viable to consider.

Next on the list is the clumping factor. It might be very difficult to clean up a litter that does not make the cat’s feces clump hard enough for easier scooping and waste disposal. Thus, always select a cat litter that forms a sturdy clump. Checking the litter’s ingredients can also be helpful. Bentonite cat litter is a non-toxic type of litter made from sodium bentonite that’s not only safe for your pets but are also said to be quick and ample acting enough to form cement like clumps. Proper disposal is recommended, though, because the clumps may clog your drains.

Cat Litter – Olfactory Consideration

Another one is the olfactory consideration. To pet owners, it is no longer a secret that their cats are naturally neat freaks who prefer clean and nice-smelling environments. Some litters consists of materials that serve as deodorants but, in some cases, the smell could tend to be too much and offensive. The big question is “what’s the essence of getting a litter that drives your cat from its box?” The good thing is that there are fragrance-free and nicely scented litter variants; some could even neutralize odor at their source permanently.

Last but not the least, your choice should cater to your cat’s comfort. Make sure you get a litter that feels soft and comfortable to the cat’s paw. In that way, your cat will always be eager to stay and do its thing in its box and not elsewhere in your home.

There are a variety of litter options available around. Our team has done research on what’s best, and we have come up with the following:

Litter genie Ultimate Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie Ultimate Cat Litter Disposal System Refills

If you’re after a litter that keeps your cat in its cage, look no further as the Litter Genie Ultimate could already get you covered. You don’t have to be bothered too much about offensive odor from your cat’s excreta anymore. It could already help you keep your house smelling nice all day. If you are someone with a lot of cats, this product is good for that, too, as it is perfect for multi cat homes. With all the fuss about cat litter meaning and significance, this seven-layered refill pail system is great to complement any litter solution. Designed to store and lock in cat waste odor, this system’s cartridge could last for up to two months.

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Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping

The Pieviev Cat Litter is a jumbo-sized mat that works to complement litter boxes in catching stray litter to prevent tracking in the rest of the home. Whereas some mats have highly abrasive materials, this one non-toxic that’s good for the cat’s health and soft enough for a kitten’s sensitive paws. To catch any wayward urine sprays, this mat also has a waterproof bottom layer that’s also good for absorption and protecting your floors.

If all of the above things aren’t enough, then this product’s 100% money back guarantee and no questions asked warranty should really be able to seal the deal.

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World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

Worlds Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

Made from natural ingredients, this litter has potent absorption qualities that easily turn wastes into hard clumps for easy scooping and disposal. Pet owners who bought this product are happy to note its ability to neutralize odors and leave their pets and home smelling fresher. It has less dust, so it’s easy on pets’ lungs and urinary tract, too.

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Jumbo Litter Mat

Jumbo Litter Mat 47 x 36 Cat Litter Mat

One of the best cat litter related products that help you keep offensive odor from your cat’s excreta is the jumbo litter mat. If you’re looking for a cat litter that could last for a long period of time, this is certainly the product you’ve been looking for. Made up of non-toxic material that’s safe for your cat’s health, it is also manufactured with great durability that could withstand wear and tear more than other mats. It traps litter residues off of your cat’s paws with a cinch. It’s maintenance less and easily cleaned, too.

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Can a cat litter mat be washed using a washing machine?

You might want to try out washing a cat litter with a machine. However, it might not be as effective as scrubbing out the dirt manually. This is because the machine might not be able to remove some stubborn urine stains. If the mat is not too dirty or does not really have tough stains that need tackling, you can wash it with a machine to save yourself the stress.

Will I be able to easily remove dirt on a cat litter mat using a vacuum cleaner?

Will the vacuum cleaner damage the litter mat if often used? The vacuum cleaner might not completely remove the dirt especially if the mat is too dirty. Thus manual in this case may be better. Litter mat damage due to vacuum overuse is not a frequent occurrence. So there’s not much to worry about in this regard.

Do cat litter mats have offensive fragrance or ingredients that could cause respiratory issues for pets and humans alike?

It depends on the type of cat litter you are getting. There are cat litter options. It’s always better to choose an option that has little or no smell. And one that’s easy on your and your cat’s nostrils.

Some cat owners might think they are saving money by not buying a good litter for their cat box. Choosing a reasonably priced but good quality litter is a balancing act. It’s worth spending the time researching, writing, and reading this article for that purpose.

Types of Cat Litter

Types of Cat Litter

With so many different Types of Cat Litter products in the market, it becomes challenging for pet owners to decide which option is suitable for their feline friends and their lifestyle. Each of the types of litter has its benefits and drawbacks. The Best Cat Litter for Kittens solely depends on your individual preferences and one some specific factors. So, for your assistance below is the list of different Types of Cat Litter products which are available in the market. Based on your unique criteria you need to make the selection of Best Multi Car Litter products that suit your needs.

Clay Litter

The very first Types of Cat Litter is the clay cat litter which is the simplified dried pulverised clay, and it absorbs the urine and poops of the cat while giving your feline friends with something to bury faeces with. It comes with a slotted spoon that enables the cat owners to fish out the faeces regularly to keep the odor to the minimal. Moreover, the kitten is allowed to track clay crumbs around their paws, making it easier to sweep up after. The clay cat litter is the reasonable and Best Natural Kitty Litter, and it is usually used as the starter litter for the kittens who attempt to eat the graduals.

Clumping Litter

Clumping Litter is another Type of Cat Litter which is usually made out of clay base, and it pulls or clumps together into balls when it gets wet. This allows the owners to remove not only the feces but also the urine which is causing the foul odor. There are different brands that manufacturer is clumping litter and it comes with varying levels of clumping capacity some pull together than the others. This may be due to where and how the kitty urinates in the box. Some of the clumping litter is easier for kitty to track outside the box. So, ensure to place the litter box on bathmat so that the kitty can wipe his feet when she gets out so that the tracking can be reduced. You may find the Low Tracking Cat Litter online to reduce this problem.

Crystal Litters

Another popular type of Cat Litter is the crystal litter which is made out of silicone-based litters, and it can easily absorb the urine and the moisture of the faeces and also odors. This is the World’s Best Kitty Litter can absorb the urine and the related odors at a rapid pace. There are some products which are the combination of clumping, crystals and deodorising. But these products usually vary in how much tracking litter they can create for cleanup and it depends on the grain size and paw adherence.

Recycled Paper

If you are looking for the biodegradable option in the Types of Cat Litter, then prefer using the recycled paper. This is the paper-based litter that is designed in large pellets which don’t get caught easily in the paw pads, thereby making it track free. This is the Cheap Kitty Litter that you can have.

How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell

How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell

The foul smell of the cat litter is the toughest part of living with your feline friends. It not only makes the atmosphere nasty around you but also causes other issues, especially if someone is allergic to those nasty smells. If you have feline friends at home, then it is necessary for you to know the tips on How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell. There is Best Cat Box which you can use to control the odor or you may try out the natural ways to control the odor. Since most of the cat owners don’t have enough time to dedicate for litter cleaning, they prefer using the Best Odor Eliminating Cat Litter products which are easily available today. Below is the small guide on How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell naturally and some tips to use the Best Odor Control Litter for the feline.

Scooping the Box Daily

The very first tip on How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell is to scoop the litter box daily. The urine and faeces of the kitty smell very pungent, especially if it gets older. The longer it sits on the litter tray, the more likely it would get pungent. So, scooping the litter on a daily basis can reduce the cat litter smell. If you have less time dedicating in cleaning the litter tray, you may consider using the Best Litter Box for Odor Control. There are many products available in the market for your help.

Replacing the Litter Twice a Week

Despite scooping the litter daily, it is necessary to replace the litter box twice a week. Even if you clean it properly, there is a possibility to some traces. This could further cause the problem of odor in the house. So, the next tip on How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell is to replace the litter twice a week. Wash the tray with soap and warm water and put back a fresh litter again.

Replace Litter Box Once in a Year

Another helpful tip on How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell is to change the litter box at least once in a year. The cat claws and the scooper usually make grooves in the sides and bottom of the litter box. As a result, this groove can get harder and sterilising becomes difficult and thereby it can hold back the odor. Even after using the Low Tracking Cat Litter, you won’t get completely free from the foul smell. So, what can be done here is you need to donate the used litter box to shelter and treat your cat with a new box.

Using Litter Deodorizer

The market is flooded with Best Litter Box for Odor Control and you need to make the right selection. The last tip on How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell is by using the best kitty litter odor control products. Search online for the best product, and you are likely to find the one that suits your unique needs.