Top 5 Best Cat Litter For Odor Control Personal Reviews: Eliminate Nasty Smell

Coming home to walk in the front door of your home to be whacked in the face with the smell of our beloved pet cat poop and pee that’s lingering around the house can result in us giving less loving attention to our pet cat, i can personally relate. My cat was creating such a bad odor in my home that i was embarrassed and worried to bring over visitors. The best cat litter for odor control will assist in eliminating the stink and unpleasant odor. Of course all cat parents understand how big a problem cat odor is, when their litter boxes stay smelly the cat cat will misbehave and would probably poop somewhere else. Disastrous, right? well after experimenting and looking into this very real problem i found that my pet Maine coon also hated the smell of their own poop and urine and rightly so!

We all worship our cats, but there isn’t much worse than coming home to the distinctive smell of a recently used litter box. You may not even be aware that there are cat litters for odor control that can really make a huge difference in litter box smell.

Thankfully, there are plenty of litter options out there today that specialize in containing and eliminating these odors, so you don’t have to face any nasty smells the second you walk in the door. I have taken time to personally trial and test cat litter that odor controls and found the top 5 cat litter for odor control.

Bulk-Buy-Ever-CleanEver Clean Extra Strength
Model Number: 091854010123
Clumping UnscentedItem Weight: 19.1 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 19.3 Kg
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affordable-Arm-Hammer-Clump-Seal-Platinum-LitterARM & HAMMER
Model Number: 033200870005
Rock hard clumpsProduct Dimensions: 17.8 x 29.8 x 34.8 cm ; 18.1 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 18.6 Kg
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Bulk-Buy-Fresh-stepFresh Step Extreme with Febreze Freshness
Model Number: 10044600315987
Clumping scentedProduct Dimensions: 35.6 x 24.1 x 18.4 cm ; 15.4 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 16.3 Kg
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Bulk-Buy-Tidy-CatsPurina Tidy Cats
Model Number: 00070230169259
ClumpingBoxed-product Weight: 17.3 KgCheck Price
Order-Dr-Elseys-Cat-Ultra-Premium-Clumping-Cat-LitterDr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium
Model Number: 460U
ClumpingProduct Dimensions: 10.2 x 38.1 x 66 cm ; 18.1 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 20.4 Kg
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