Top 5 Cat Litters for Clumping

You may of already heard of the brand names such as Ever Clean, Arm and Hammer, fresh Step and Tidy Cats. Before experimenting with these brands i had only heard of them and i did not try them until one day I noticed how much cat litter i was going through and the bad odor from the litter box was becoming so bad that i was started to disconnect from my beloved cat. I personally decided to focus and buy cat litter products that would solve this problem.

At the time of cleaning the cat litter box i had to throw away all of the cat litter as the pee and poop spread throughout the litter and the poop was sitting on top mostly uncovered. YUCK! to sift out the waste was difficult with a scoop and with the automated sifting litter boxes… well this created even more mess as you could imagine the waste stuck to the automated sifter and created more mess and the smell was horrible. And then there was the tracking my beloved kitty was leaving all over the house due to the cat litter sticking to her soft paws, i even found my cat was starting to smell from the pee and poop sticking to her paws and fur.

BUT after personally experimenting with several types of cat litters i have come up with the top 5 clumping cat litters, some of which have been around for years and are trusted well known brands.

If i was to recommend one to you if my life depended on it, the Arm and Hammer brand was a stand out with the rock hard clumps.

Bulk-Buy-Ever-CleanEver Clean Extra Strength
Model Number: 091854010123
Clumping UnscentedItem Weight: 19.1 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 19.3 Kg
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Order-Arm-Hammer-Clump-Seal-Platinum-LitterARM & HAMMER
Model Number: 033200870005
Rock hard clumpsProduct Dimensions: 17.8 x 29.8 x 34.8 cm ; 18.1 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 18.6 Kg
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Bulk-Buy-Fresh-stepFresh Step Extreme with Febreze Freshness
Model Number: 10044600315987
Clumping scentedProduct Dimensions: 35.6 x 24.1 x 18.4 cm ; 15.4 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 16.3 Kg
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Bulk-Buy-Tidy-CatsPurina Tidy Cats
Model Number: 00070230169259
ClumpingBoxed-product Weight: 17.3 KgCheck Price
Order-Dr-Elseys-Cat-Ultra-Premium-Clumping-Cat-LitterDr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium
Model Number: 460U
ClumpingProduct Dimensions: 10.2 x 38.1 x 66 cm ; 18.1 Kg
Boxed-product Weight: 20.4 Kg
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