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Best Multi Cat Litter – These Litters will Solve all your Problems!

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To say that having pets has advantages is a definite understatement. Whereas the reasons could be as simple as getting what one wants. For some, it could even range from having that important sense of security. To others, it could be a comforting or worthwhile companionship. For a considerable number, it could even be for a life-changing purpose. To non-pet owners, it would be pretty obvious that some pets have the beauty, charm, and other qualities that could truly endear them to their beholders and, much more so, their owners.

However, just as the prettiest roses have their thorns, pet ownership doesn’t come as easy and as fuss-free as one would want it to always be. The whole process could be disturbing and annoying at times. What thought could be worse than the issue of feces and urines, especially when there are visitors or when it’s the family’s mealtime? Yuck, indeed! So, who’s in for a problem solver? In this article, we’ll review the best multi cat litter on the market – for those of you who have more than one cat (Lucky you!).

Finding the Best Multi Cat Litter For you

Catwalks, cats, and their walk’s correlation isn’t just a mere coincidence; it came to be for a reason. The feline’s prowess to charm even the hardest hearts around is as proverbial as could be. Yet, they are a tough act to contend with at times and could really take a toll on the time and even resources of their owners, if not put in check. Endearing they may be because of their beauty and high sensitivity to human interaction, cats could also be the most bothersome of pets. With the usually disdained predilections of the highly-normal bodily waste removal and disposal process, one could indeed think that litters could solve it all. But, could they really? Maybe. Yet finding the best product to achieve that problem-solving goal is the real task to contend with.

Great news! Our team has already done the research for you. Although there are so many cat litter products around, we have already scrutinized the market and prepared you the following list of the best multi cat litters. As to our parameters for selection, we thought that affordability, function, and ease of use are the important factors and those are what the following products are great for.

Why do you need a multi cat litter?

Yes. There are bills to pay, food to buy for the family, holidays to take a break from life, social life to sustain, and other needs to allocate our often-finite amount of funds to. With all the priorities that compete for our precious time and resources, pet owners could often be left with little or totally no cash enough to care for their little friends. If only pets could study and have jobs of their own one day, that wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Right? However, the reality is that they shall always be dependent on their owners’ love and care. But, how could that balance be attained? That’s where the importance of the best multi cat litters comes in.

Of all the cats’ needs, one important matter that an owner needs to take care of would be pet hygiene. Well, one who would say that it’s always an easy task surely didn’t know it all. Like their humans, pets also need to be safe, healthy, stress-free, and clean, too. The concern is that they couldn’t grow up and do everything for themselves. They need their owners to do things for them. Choosing the right cat litter system may be a daunting task but it is crucial.

Now, here’s the good thing. Some manufacturers have already found the most viable solutions. There are those like the makers of Dr Elsey’s cat litter who created the line of products that could ensure that only the tolerable and pleasant smell could escape from the litter. Research shows cat really love clean surroundings and nice odor. Thus, with a good litter product, a pet owner may already find a real life-saver.

How to buy the best multi cat litters? Check out the world’s best cat litter consumer reviews.

Evidence matters. It’s one thing to read the product description and the labels. First-hand information from those who actually tried and tested an item should make more difference. Thus, we’ve taken extra effort to look at the various cat litter reviews we could find. Here’s what we found out from the world’s best cat litter consumer reviews – the X-factor lies on the hard facts.

Apparently, pet owners look at the physical aspects when choosing a cat litter to purchase. Some of such details include the following:

The “multi cat” rationale

Some pet owners have up to 10 cats. With all that amount of waste that a litter has to contend with, it takes a very good product to withstand the great odds. As for those who only got one cat to take care of, a good litter box should suit even the most discriminating and sensitive cat’s favor.

The “olfactory” factor

With cats’ famed nose for what’s good smelling and their propensity to prefer cleaner smelling environments, a litter needs to be able to block any odor and have enough elements to ensure that everything stays as fresh-smelling as possible.

“What’s in it”

For some pet owners, knowing whether the litter is clay or grain-based is quite important. Some cats just love eating the litter for some reason. As clay is toxic, grain-based ones are most commonly preferred.

Color your pet’s world

Dark coloured litter track everywhere and are not a good sight to see for pets who love cleaner nooks and for owners and visitors, too. The lighter ones are more in demand.

It’s about “consistency”

Some owners are after finer consistency in the form of very small, sand-like granules. The dust-free factor is also crucial, especially for kittens. It is important that no small particles could cause harm to their respiratory and urinary tracts.

It’s a “matter of convenience”

There are those who are after products that could be paired up with self-cleaning options. There are automated products designed with a timer and sensors to determine when it’s time to get rid of odors and clean the litters up. Systems like that work better when the cat is not on the litter. On the other hand, manual systems are powered and operated by the pet owners themselves. Although this type is mostly cheaper than the former, the reality is that it is more stressful than the automated system. It’s easier to say that the automated litters should be anyone’s choice, but of course, price considerations will make viewpoints vary.

The best Multi Cat litters to choose from –

From our research, some of the best multi cat litters you can purchase are the following:

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter

This litter has been manufactured with a unique formulation that could seal and destroy odors before they leave and wreak havoc outside the box. For those who are after the natural stuff, this products plant-based composition is a plus and could even clump waste in a blink of an eye and fast enough for anyone who needs to scoop the evidence away. Moisture activates the particles and automatically seals waste. Voila! It’s as easy as that. Because of their special chemical, odor also gets trapped so easily that pet owners couldn’t help but give this product the thumbs up.

The product is manufactured to keep the home free from any odor for a guaranteed period of seven (7) days.

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Dr Elsey’s Cat (Ultra premium) litters

Dr. Elseys Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

 Dr Elsey’s Cat litters are some of the cheapest and the best cat litters you can find out there. With so many users testifying to the quality and the workability of these cat litters, it’s no wonder. First released around the middle of 2005, it has garnered about 15,000 reviews with an average of 4/5 rating.

This product line is hypo-allergenic and safe even to the most sensitive of cats (and owners). It is designed with a special formula and a superior odor control feature, which really attracts the cats. Its natural ingredients are quick to clump the waste into scoopable form in no time at all. It’s also dust-free, so it’s not harmful to the respiratory and urinary tract systems of the cats, too. It works along well with mechanical litter boxes, so it’s convenient to use as well. Its unique composition also prevents moisture from seeping through down the bottom of the litter box. The clumps also don’t disintegrate so they remain intact and ready for scooping and disposal.

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The LitterMaid Automatic Multi-cat litter box

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box Self-Cleaning Scoop with Ramp

For those owners who’d like to spend their precious time with their pets and other more important things in life and not on too much cleaning work, this product is a good option. An automatic self-cleaning litter box, it has an amazing raking mechanism that removes waste on its own thereby leaving the box clean and fresh with less fuss and human intervention. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs and wastes of multiple cats over 15 pounds, so it is “multi-cat” in the truest sense.

It is low-maintenance as its timer options could automate scoops each and every day. Carbon filters could then trap and neutralize all the odors before they could escape the confining walls of the box. Its walls are high enough to prevent the particles from scattering, and the cats can take a walk onto the ramp to dust off any residue that could potentially mess up the rest of the house. What could be easier than that, indeed?

For those whose cats have already grown too fond of their old litter boxes, acclimatization may tend to be a bit difficult. The easiest way to avoid this scenario is by placing the litter beside the old one, not operating the automatic features for a number of days until the cat gets used to the owner’s manual operation, and not cleaning the old litter to discourage the cat from coming back. Once the “honeymoon” stage is over, the convenience that this box provides could already start coming into fruition.

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Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Cat litter

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze

This litter is said to be well-researched and amply-designed with the “health and happiness” of the cat as a primary consideration. It quickly reacts to liquid to form clumps and captures odor enough to ensure a fresher box every time. It guarantees a fresh and odor free box for 10 days through its special charcoal-based formula. Its dust-less composition is easier for cats’ lungs and tummy. With the flick of a cat’s paws, fragrance granules are agitated and released making the litter smelling nicer than ever but not to an obnoxious degree.

One other good thing about this product is its packaging, as it comes in four separate packages that are not too heavy for lifting. Each package just has enough to last a cat for a week, and its resealable flaps leave no room for wastage, so it’s easier on the budget side, too.

It was released in the year 2017 and, within the short time after its release, it has received a lot of positive reviews from pet owners. There seems to be enough reason that it is becoming the most preferred option amongst the great plethora of litters out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the frequently asked questions about the best multi cat litters include:

  1. Can it be used for just a cat?

    Yes, of course. Although this litter box type has been designed to accommodate multiple cats, it also can be used for just one. A fussy or sensitive cat would greatly benefit from this litter.

  2. Does the litter include a strong smell?

    Some litters have fragrance, but there are fragrance-free options, too. One thing common about the options, though, is that the products are designed to ensure that the cat’s environment is odor-less enough. Foul smells are a turn-off not just for pet owners and visitors but to the pets themselves, too.

Are you a cat owner? Do you love cat pet parenting? If you, you are surely taking your pet’s welfare and safety seriously. Further, if you’re looking for the best litter to suit your beloved little one, the products presented here should give you a good idea of what matters when making those choices and which ones you should be choosing ultimately. So, what do you think? Are you ready to take the next step for your pet?

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