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Searching for the best low tracking kitty litter? We got your back.

Kitty’s are playful creatures, they like to chase the laser beam and mice. They do love to play around. Most of all the love to go to the bathroom, do their thing and make sure you’re aware that you, indeed, have a cat that went to the bathroom. The cute little paws will leave the marks on your freshly mopped floor and you will be able to tell just how much fun your cat had while you were away.

With bad litter you can find traces of litter anywhere your kitty walked, the best kitty litter will be the non-tracking cat litter. The cat will do its business and the litter will stay where it’s supposed to, in the litter box. There are options out there that will make your head spin, from clumping to non-clumping, from scented to non-scented. How will you pick the best low tracking kitty litter? Don’t worry, there are harder choices in life than kitty litter, With kitty litter we did all the research so you don’t have to.

Why is it important to have low – tracking kitty litter? The answer presents itself, the idea is to clean as little as possible with the best results. That theory should be applied to everything in life, but we are only going to talk about kitty litter. Obviously, you don’t have an IQ of 6 so you know the best low tracking kitty litter will give you the best results. Good on you for being so smart!

Now let’s talk about some other things you need to pay attention to.

The words dust – free will appear on the low tracking kitty litters. Look when it says 99 or 100% dust-free because that’s your friend if you want the best kitty litter.

There are millions of non-tracking kitty litter options out there so look for something that has it all. The odor resistance, low tracking and easy to clean up litters are the way to go when your aim is easy clean-up.

Litter Boxes

These are are a big factor in the cleanliness when it comes to kitty litter. The best are covered boxes with groovy tops to keep the litter near or stainless steel with a deep end.

The difference can be crucial between cheaping out on litter and litter box, and investing in the clean house and happy kitty.

Look For Multi-Cat Options

it doesn’t matter if you have one or seventeen cats, the multi-cat litter will usually be made for households with many cats (the name says it, I know). The idea of getting this is better even if you only have one cat because this litter is made to be low tracking kitty litter.

This litter will capture odors and have low traction because of the mess two or more cats would make if we just had bad litter all over the place.It’s a good thing thing cats are by nature clean animals, so it’s only the litter we have to worry about.

How Many Uses You Can Get

Size means nothing when it comes to kitty litter. You can get a massive bag of kitty litter that will clump and just end up on the floor, on your socks or even on your pillow. What matters is how many uses you can get out of one bag. Look for that, because the good ones will say on them. You can keep buying litter once a week or you can have your litter work for you in every aspect. You are so lucky to have us find the best low tracking kitty litter for you and not keep the results all to ourselves.

Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Precious Cat Classic Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Precious Classic Premium is a clumping litter that promises low traction and it delivers. The litter picks up the moisture from the bottom and prevents breaking of clumps. When you pick it up it doesn’t fall apart into million little pieces but stays the one large chunk and prevents mess everywhere. There is a red and blue bag option but we prefer the red a lot more because it tracks a lot less. Both options work for you depending on what you’re looking for, but if it’s low traction – go with the red. This is the first one on our list because of its truly low traction and simple design. Easy to clean makes a life easy lived.

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Easy Clean Up Clumping Litter Multi-Cat

Pack of 5 SLIDE Easy Clean Up Clumping Litter Multi-Cat, 14 lb

Easy clean- up is in the name of this clumping litter. This litter was made for more than one kittie so it’s perfect for you whether you have one or more cats. The light and easy to clean up litter deserved a second place in this list because of its low traction and lumping that doesn’t turn into dust. The best low tracking kitty litter is the one that gives you the least amount of cleaning, which this one definitely does. This light litter is a good choice for fast clean-ups and if you have more than one cat as well.

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sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

Biodegradable and friendly litter, this is a stroke of genius. This litter is friendly to kitties who have just been de-clawed because it’s so soft on their gentle paws. Its marketing is also great because the name sWheat made me want to buy the litter. After testing it out, the kitties were big fans and we were not dirtying up the environment. You can flush it down a septic tank or your toile because the way it’s made. It’s a hard three, almost a two on our list. It wins in the ethics department for this round!

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Naturally Fresh Litter Ultra Odor Control

Naturally Fresh Litter Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter, 26 lb

Naturally, Fresh Litter Odor Control is on this list because just like the other three it’s the best of all categories we were searching for. Fresh Litter Odor Control , you guessed it, does a great job with odor control but not only that. This litter also does a fantastic job of low tracking. Our kitties were interested in it too. It is dust free and doesn’t stick to the kitties paws, making it hard for the kitty to take the litter in places you don’t want the litter to be in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose The Right Brand of Low Tracking Kitty Litter?

The best way is to do your research. Not only from this guide (even though it is the best, but ok, I’ll forgive you) but from all the information you can find online. The world is a beautiful place, today more so than ever. Look for articles like this one from people that have tried all the litters out there to find the best one for you. Look for the ones that are repeated the most and you’ll find the best one for you. No matter how much research you do in the end, your cat might just say no. That’s ok, keep trying

Where is The Best Place To Keep The Litter To Avoid Tracking?

The bathroom is the best place, you should have a covered litter box with a low track odor masking litter and possibly a few add ons you can find. No room in the bathroom? Living room is an okay place but only with covered litter boxes to avoid tracking. Make sure you keep the the litter box clean at all times and wash it regularly unless you don’t want anyone to come over ever again. In that case, just let loose. Remember, you are also hurting your kitty by not cleaning up the litter. It’s one thing to not care about your house but it’s another thing to hurt an innocent animal.

What If My Cat Doesn’t Like The Litter?

No big deal, cats don’t like every litter. Try a different brand until they do. Whatever you do, just because you think something is the best kitty litter doesn’t mean your cat agrees. Don’t try to force your way on to her, it’ll just create pain for both of you. I’m sure you already know that. If it was easy to teach a cat something, we’d have cat shows.

Imagine a cat show – just a bunch of cats lying around not listening to anything any of the owners say. Now that I think about it I do want to see one.

Kitty litters, who knew there was such a science to them.  Kitties have so many options to choose from they’re not even aware of the hold they have on us when it comes to their lives. We make sure their litters are good, their food is up to standard and their toys are fun. In return, they push things of surfaces, wake us up at five am and live life on their own terms. That’s ok kitties, we forgive you because you will soon be making us laugh with your silliness.

It’s a good thing cats are by nature clean animals, so it’s only the litter we have to worry about.

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