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Best Litter Box for Odor Control – 2019s Best Picks

In as much as pet owners love their pets, cat odor can be too offensive sometimes that something just had to be done. The good thing is that there are remedies that are available. Such include using air purifiers, deodorizers, and a sprinkling of plain baking soda on the litter box. However, the best way to combat those pesky smell is by getting the best litter box for odor control.

These cat litter boxes for odor control come in different types. They include the carbon-filter litter box, which reduces odor. However, it is not as effective as the automatic cat litter box considered as the best litter box for odor control because it is a self cleaning cat litter box. Although the litter box can be manually cleaned, it is not as effective as the automatic cat litter box that requires little or no human effort in cleaning.

Importance of choosing the best litter box for odor control

By nature, cats are very neat animals but their waste products can be offensive. Most cat litter boxes help to remove your cat’s wastes, but the best cat litter helps to clump waste for easier disposal as well as trap offensive odor before they spread outside the box. Although every pet owner will more often than not choose to care for their furry felines, other responsibilities and tasks in one’s priority list could always get in the way. Hence, it is very important to get the best litter box for odor control because it self-cleaning and, thus, less time-consuming.

Things to look out for while buying the best litter box for odor control

In choosing the best litter box for odor control, one important consideration is how easy its maintenance requirements are. As some litter boxes are hard to clean, it is quite important to find a product that’s easier to wash off back to its previous mint condition. Also, check how easy it will be to cluster litter inside the box. Clumping of litters enable easy and fast cleaning, something that a time-constrained pet owner would really value.

A good cat litter box produces a hard clump. If a product produces a soft clump, then it is not one you should be considering for keeps. A soft clump could still release offensive smell, something that your picky cat will not be liking at all. The last thing you’d want is a smelly home, too.  A litter box that produces a hard clump is what you should be after.

Clumps that stick to the cat litter box are not desirable at all, too. Make sure you go for a litter box that does not keep clumps in its crevices; those hard to reach areas are too tough to handle.

Boxes made of silica gel help to absorb moisture, which may reduce the offensive odor emanating from the boxes. Cat litter boxes that are made of natural materials like pine, grass, and the like are also very good in absorbing odor. Although they have their pros and cons, some of these natural materials that clump well but could track a lot enough to mess your house. Some do not clump well, but are dust free. Cat litter boxes made from natural materials are considered to be the best to control odor.

How to clean a litter box

The best way to answer the how to clean litter box question is by choosing the best cat litter box available. Just like in a never ending conundrum, that again brings us to the question of which is one is the best. Right? True. However, if buying the best isn’t possible because of cost reasons, there are also other remedies for the situation. Pouring in a certain amount of baking soda in a litter box could neutralize smell. The plus point is that baking soda is non-toxic but is effective in easily absorbing urine odor. You can also use the charcoal filter to construct your cat litter box. This is a method not only beneficial because of its odor reducing nature, but it is also very cheap and doesn’t entail the use of harmful ingredients that aren’t good for pets and their humans alike.

Cleaning your cat box daily is also a good way to answer the how to clean litter box question. Getting things done straight away and not allowing waste products to pile up and stink too much is a good thing to do. Feeding the cat nutritious food also turns its waste into a less offensive smelling one, too. Hence, it is important to meet a veterinary doctor or nutritionist that can advise you on a good diet for your cat.

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System

This litter system creates a fascinating environment for your cat in its box by dehydrating the cat’s droppings and preventing the droppings from sticking to the cat litter box. It has disposable pads that could absorb urine and control resulting odor for up to seven days. It has an enclosed design that ensures the cat’s privacy should it feels to have one. The hood’s hinged design allows for easier cleaning access. It also consists of pellets that help to separate the urine from the solid waste. It is an all-in-one, self-cleaning cat box litter.

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Prestige Pet Magic-Cat Litter Deodorizer-Odor Control Cat Litter-Activated Carbon Acts as Litter Odor Eliminator

Prestige Pet Magic - Cat Litter Deodorizer

To completely remove your cat’s offensive odor, get this product. It makes removal of the odor from urine and solid waste very easy and safe. Unlike deodorants that remove little if not just mask odor, this product gives your house a refreshing smell that makes it hard to believe that there is an animal of any form in your house. It absorbs odor from the air and locks them in before they could spread and wreak havoc to the nostrils of pets and their humans alike. What makes this amazing feat possible is the activated charcoal known to be the best absorbent of any form of odor. It is even non-toxic and free of chemicals that could harm your pets. Plus, it is a dust-free that works with any litter type.

It is very cheap and easy on the budget. It is portable and very easy to ship as it is lightweight.

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Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box w/Odor Control

Natures Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box with Odor Control

This product has been tried, tested, trusted, and used for over 35 years. It magically removes offensive odor and also serves as an effective disinfectant. With charcoal as its main ingredient, it naturally controls various odor forms through its filters. It has an enclosure that prevents the escape of any odor as well as catches urine sprays and litter scatter. The covered design also allows room for cat privacy when needed. It has easy to flip latches on top that lock without a gap that would allow urine to spray out but make cleaning and access easier. Its non-stick surface wards off waste buildup and makes maintenance effortless and less time-consuming.

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Yangbaga stainless steel Cat litter box for odor control

Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cat and Rabbit

This cat litter box is very important because, compared to plastic which is very porous and retains odor after washing them, they are made of stainless steel. They are more durable and oblivious even to the most ferocious of scratches, too. Steel is easy to clean as most of us would know. It also has a smooth surface that even odor could find hard to stick to and known not to bend despite repeated use. As against regular steel, stainless ones are less prone to corrosion.

It has no sharp edges but only rounded ones to prevent accidental cuts and allow ease of handling and transport. Unlike plastic, which could keep the bacteria in, steel’s surface will not allow that to be. This particular product is made of quality and eco-friendly material. It also comes in two sizes so you’d have the right space for your feline friend.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. How durable are these products?

What is the essence of a cat box litter that cannot be used over a long time? No one makes a decision to just deliberately waste money to buy any product that can get destroyed easily. However, this selection of products are meant to give you the most cost –effective options to ensure that your cat is healthy, safe, happy, and comfy.

2. How often do I have to change a cat’s box so that it will be medically safe for my cat?

There is no specific time to change the cat litter box. However, if you feel the cat litter box is old and may pose a health challenge to your cat, you may decide to change it.

Getting the best cat litter box that controls odor is very important for various reasons. Most importantly, if you’re a very busy person but loves to keep a cat, it saves you the stress of daily cleaning the product as it is constructed to self-clean.

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