Best Litter Box for Large Cats What You Should Buy

5 Best Litter Box for Large Cats in 2020

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Finding the best litter box for large cats is essential because it ensures that you tend to your cat’s needs. There is a fact that several considerations should be taken account of when it comes to buying the best cat litter for odor control. You have to consider your cleaning routine, your preference based on the cat litter, your cat’s toileting routine, and your cat’s preference.

Why Is Buying a Cat Litter Important?

Unlike some animals, cats are neat freaks. They are particular to hygiene. As you may notice, cats often lick themselves for grooming. This is one evidence that they want themselves clean most of the time. You, as human, never want to use a dirty toilet bowl rarely cleaned. The same goes to your cat. Moreover, cats have a superior sense of smell better than humans.

If cats react and talk like humans, just imagine what they will say or feel if you provide them with dirty toiletries. If cats can curse, they might have probably have cursed you. However, cats cannot react like humans, or cannot even curse. Therefore, they can only show their rebellious and displeased reaction through their passive behavior. Some cats do it by finding their own litter. It can be your bathtub, carpet, sofa, and the like. Also, some cats intend to refrain themselves from urinating if they see that their cat litter are unclean which may lead to urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection on cats causes some urine-marking behavior. They do it by urinating everywhere. It is their way of letting you know that there is something wrong going on with them. For this reason, using a Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture is beneficial for both of you and your cat. It prevents the cat from soiling your precious furniture and other areas of your house. It also helps your furry friend feel comfortable doing its own business.

If you have to go outside and leave your friend alone inside your house, you are rest assured that it will feel comfortable using the litter whenever it feels like it. However, you should make sure that you get the right type of litter for them.

What Should You Consider Before Buying?

1. Experience as a Cat Owner

If you are a new cat owner, it is essential that you have already bought a litter before bringing your cat in your house. Your cat may do its business at any time, so it is important for you to take the litter into consideration before bringing home a pet. You cannot just shush your new cat to retain its urine while waiting for its litter box.

If you are an experienced cat owner who is considering changing your cat’s present litter box, take note of the features that you like or do not like. It will provide you with a clear picture on what to look for on the next litter box you are going to buy.

2. Number of Cats Owned

Of course, all of these cats have to do their toilet business. For this reason, you should buy a type of litter that can accommodate all of them while still ensuring that their litter is clean and hygienic all the time. Cat owners have different opinions or beliefs on how many litter boxes you should own if you have multiple cats. Some cat owners suggest that one litter box can accommodate two cats, while others say that there should be one litter box per cat. Others even suggest that you should own two litter boxes per cat to ensure cleanliness.

The basic rule that most cat owners believe is that the number of cats should be equal to the number of litter boxes plus one. No matter what their beliefs are, the bottom line is that you should make sure that the litter box is always clean. To ensure that you provide the best environment for your cats, buy Extra Large Litter Box for your cats to make sure that they do not get dirty at a faster rate as the small litter boxes do. Moreover, small litters can spread across your home.

3. Cleaning Routine

Litter boxes manufacturers know the cat owners’ need of keeping their products clean. For this reason, they come up with various innovations that can help you. For this reason, you can find litter boxes with a sifting tray, scoop, bag hook or spout. You just have to choose which one you prefer.

4. Space and Location

Litter boxes come in different forms and sizes. Before buying, it is just right that you assess where you can put your ideal litter box. Make sure that the place is accessible for cats. If you need multiple box litters, make sure that your house has enough room for them. You also have to consider the environment. Put it in a place free from noise. Some cats do not like noise because it bothers them. Therefore, do not place it near your washing machine or windows.

Also, do not place it near the place where it sleeps or eats. You, as a human being, would not like your kitchen situated in your toilet. You also do not want to sleep while sniffing the foul smell from your toilet. In fact, cats are even more hygienic than humans. They spend the 15 percent to 50 percent of their day grooming themselves. Thus, you need to give them enough consideration.

5. Cat’s Size

Basically, cats prefer the type of litter that is about 3 cm in depth. However, you still have to consider your cat’s size. If the cat is small, do not buy a litter that is too deep for them. It may end up trapped inside its own litter. Also, if you have a big cat, it is just common sense that you should buy a larger litter. Do not push your big kitty to do its toilet tasks on a litter that your previous small cat used.

If the cat feels uncomfortable doing its business, it might end up looking for its own litter on your carpet, sofa, bathtub, and your furniture.
Later on, you will know some suggested products to buy for large breed cats.

Types of Litter Boxes

As what has been mentioned before, litter boxes in the market are available in two forms. Manufacturers of these products created these varieties of products to meet the different demands of their market. Therefore, you should know them and learn which is the most ideal for the large cat breed.

  • Uncovered

The uncovered is the most traditional one. It lets the cat see its surroundings while doing its business. This litter box is accessible. The cat can get into and out of it easily. Lastly, this type of litter box is easy to clean. On the other hand, because the cat will be more aware of its surroundings using this type of litter box, there is a risk that it might get terrified easily. Disturbances and sight might distract the cat from doing its toilet activity. Also, your cat doing their toilet task is unpleasant to the eye especially if you have visitors in the house.

  • Covered

The covered litter boxes provide cats with more privacy. It means that you now have more options where you can put your litter box in your house. The cover also prevents the litter inside from soiling around. Some of its types have filters that help in eliminating the unpleasant odor.

On the other hand, it does not make the cats feel aware of its surroundings. There is a possibility that your cat may feel uncomfortable and cramped. Most cats want to see what is going on around them while they are doing their toilet activities. The only option that you have here is to buy a large covered litter box that enables the cat to walk around and feel comfortable.

Types of Litters

The type of litter that you are going to use for your litter box is also an important consideration. Some litters can be harmful to the animals once ingested especially in high amounts. Some are hazardous to the environment too.

Cat litters can be made in one of the following:

  • Pine
  • Walnut shells
  • Clay
  • Grass
  • Recycled paper
  • Wheat
  • Corn

How to Clean the Litter Box

Of course, before buying a litter box, you should know how to clean it too. You cannot expect your cat to clean it for himself. Also, cleanliness will motivate your cat to do its toilet activities in the litter box and not just anywhere. Remember that the cats have an amazing sense of smell. It can smell if its litter is clean or not.

Here is how you should clean the litter box.

  • Remove the waste

The first thing that you should do is wear hand gloves to lessen the contact and to get rid of the waste. As much as possible, do it once a day. You can use a special scoop to do this job or buy a sifting tray. As you clean the litter, put a rubbish bag within your reach. As much as possible, place it as close to the litter box to avoid the dust and litters to soil the floor. If what you are using is a clumping type of litter, get rid of them once a day.

Make sure to top the litter.

  • Thorough cleaning

Owning a pet is a responsibility. Therefore, you should expect that you have to add an extra task to your schedule. Just removing the cats’ waste once a day is not enough, you have to clean it thoroughly too even once a week. If you own multiple cats, you have to do the thorough cleaning twice a week.

You may start by getting rid of all the dirty litters. After that, wash the litter box with mild detergent and warm water. Make sure that you are not using soap with harsh fragrances and chemicals. Rinse the litter box thoroughly. Make sure that there are no residues left. If you want, you can add some baking soda to help eliminate the odor. Lastly, pour enough cat litter inside the litter box.

Some Products to Try

Cats have their own preference. This cat’s behavior may require you to try several products first before finding the best one that your cat will love. For this reason, you should start buying the best litter box  that are tested and loved by several cat owners.

1. PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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If you hate scooping the litter out, the PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box is for you. If you have this product, all that you will ever do is take out the collected waste and refill the litter chamber. This litter box makes use of the patented sifting procedure that separates the dirty litter from the clean one. It has a timer that you can set that automatically starts as your cat walks out of the litter chamber. Even if the litter box looks compact, its interior is wide enough to handle large cats. It can serve cats weighing 5 pounds and up.


  • Self-cleaning
  • For multiple cats too
  • Helps to reduce odor
  • Large entryway
  • Durable construction


  • Reduces your cleaning task
  • Works automatically
  • Has a nice design that you will not feel embarrassed even if your visitors see it.


  • It has a step-up design that some cats and old cats will not appreciate.
  • Highly-expensive
  • Noisy
  • Requires electricity

What Do the Other Customers Say About It?

The customers love the fact that they do not have to scoop their cats’ waste anymore because the product works automatically with the help of the timer. What they do not like is the price which is extremely expensive.

Who Is This Litter For?

If you have the budget and you are willing to spend some additional bills on electricity to save yourself from scooping out your cat’s fecal matter all the time, then this product is for you.

2. New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo

New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo

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New Age Pet EcoFLEX Litter Loo is one of the biggest litter boxes in the market. It means that it is an ideal litter for large cat breeds, which is also suitable for multi-cat owners because of the litter box’s capacity. According to the company, this litter box can hold up to 30 pounds of litter. What makes this product unique is its anti-microbial feature.


  • Multifunctional nightstand
  • High walls


  • Does not stain or stink easily because of the ecoFlex feature
  • Extra compartments for the scoop and disposable bags
  • Large cats will feel comfortable because of its large size
  • Prevents the litters from spilling on the floor because of the high walls


  • does not fit multiple cats

What Do the Other Customers Say About It?

Most customers love this product because of its large size. According to the most users, this litter is also durable and may last for several years. There are almost no negative things to say about this product because the majority of its users love it.

Who Is This Litter For?

This litter box is also for multiple cat owners. If you want a litter box that is practical and economical, this is the recommended product for you. However, you should be the kind of cat owner who does not mind scooping the wastes each day.

3. Modkat Flip Litter Box with Scoop

Modkat Flip Litter Box with Scoop and Reusable Liner

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If your cat loves privacy and does not mind doing its business in an enclosed environment, this litter box is one of the best choices. This product is budget-friendlier compare to the other covered litter boxes. It takes pride in its carbon filtration system that helps in eliminating dust and odor.


  • Reusable Liner
  • 3 Lid Positions


  • Large and deep
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • High-walls to prevent urine splashes


  • Lid hinges are weak

What Do the Other Customers Say About It?

The customers generally love the product because of its large size and budget-friendly cost. They do not have a problem with the product in terms of its main functionality except for the litter box’s swinging door. Some customers complain that the swinging door may leave their cats trapped inside.

Who Is This Litter For?

This product is for multiple cat owners too. Also, if your cat does not mind doing its toilet business in an enclosed environment, this product is advisable. This product is advisable for households that always have people. Leaving the cat alone to use this litter might get it trapped inside without anyone to help it.

4. Petsfit Assemble Odorless Night Stand Pet House/Litter Box

Petsfit Assemble Odorless Night Stand Pet House Litter Box

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This product is a simple, uncovered box litter that emphasizes the depth as its unique feature. It is spacious measuring 17.7″L x 21.6″DEEP x 19.3″H.


  • Made from non-stick plastic material
  • Tall depth
  • Multifunctional


  • Prevents urine and litter spills because of the high wall on the side
  • Neutralizes odor
  • Discourages litter buildup


  • More expensive compared to other uncovered litter boxes

What Do the Other Customers Say About It?

The customers love the product because of the high walls, and it is easy to clean because there are no curves and grooves. However, some of them find the entryway too low.

Who Is This Litter For?

This product is for cat-owners whose cats prefer a litter box with entrance with low depth.

5. Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box

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This is another Modkat Litter Box product that saves you the whole cleaning process. This product is easy to use and access that neutralizes the odor. It is durable that helps prevent cat litter tracking.


  • All-in-one solution
  • Easy access
  • Reusable Liner


  • Odor control
  • Environment-friendly


  • do not come in different sizes

What Do the Other Customers Say About It?

The customers love the practicality of the product because all that they have to do is throw the litter box away when it is already dirty. What they do not like about the product is the tendency for it to break down when the cat rigorously scratches it.

Who Is This Litter For?

This product is advisable for busy cat-owners who do not have the time to maintain a litter box. Also, to use this product, your cat must be a gentle kind.

Comparison Table


Unique Feature(s)

Dimension by Inch


PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Automatic self-cleaning feature27.4 x 19 x 7 inches4.7 out of 5

New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo

Multifunctional nightstand33.1 x 31.1 x 9.1 inches4.5 out of 5

Modkat Flip Litter Box with Scoop

3 Lid Positions20.5 x 15.8 x 16.7 inches4.4 out of 5

Petsfit Assemble Odorless Night Stand Pet House/Litter Box

High walls20 x 24 x 22 inches4.4 out of 5

Modkat Litter Box

All-in-one solution15.9 x 15.9 x 14.6 inches4.3 out of 5


There are several forms and types of litter boxes in the market. Each of them addresses the different needs of the owners and their cats, and each has its benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, your cleaning habits and cat’s behavioral assessment is a way to find the best litter box for large cats.

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