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Pets have always been recognized as paramount companions for everyone. These animals contribute to different aspects of people’s lives. May it be physical, mental, or emotional aspects, you can surely count on your pets.

Pets are just like humans; they have the mental capacity to think and understand. You’d be surprised to know that these animals also have an emotional quotient just like us, wherein they can also feel affection or sadness. Moreover, one of the best parts of about having a pet is that you can certainly train them, whether it’s for discipline or protection.

Talking about pets further, you can definitely guess that dogs are the favorite pet of most people. Dogs are indeed charmers, and almost everybody is really looking forward to having their own pet dogs. It’s because these animals are always on-the-go, playful and very active. Further, one of the best thing that most people admire about dogs is their excitement upon seeing their owners. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best feelings; going home and seeing someone waiting for you excitedly at your door.

On the other hand, while most people are really into dogs, some are appreciating cats more. One reason is that these animals are very neat that you’ll not really worry about bathing your pet. Another reason is that cats are way content, as compared to dogs. Lastly, the best thing about cats is you get non-stop cuddles, and this really helps a lot in relieving any person’s stress.

What You Need to Know Further About Having a Cat

Aside from non-stop cuddles and being content, cats can also be very playful just like dogs. At first, cats may not look like they want to play but once you triggered your pet’s curiosity, you’ll definitely admire how agile and playful your pet can be. What’s more interesting about cats is how acrobatic they are as well.

When it comes to maintenance, you will save a lot if you were to have a cat more than dogs. Cats prefer their time alone, which means these animals can just settle in the corner of your house, sleeping or catching something. There’s no need to buy grand accessories because even your toes are enough for your pet to play with.

Lastly, cats are very fussy with their hygiene. These animals are born with spirited nature for cleanliness. Just notice how often they lick their fur intensely. The only maintenance you need to do is to keep up with your pet’s neatness.

Speaking of neatness further, it’s not necessary to bath them every day. Cats can actually do it alone, without even asking for your help. There’s also no need to take cats in salons weekly for grooming. What you need to do is to buy your pet its own litter box.

Some Things You Need to Know About Cat Litter Boxes

One of the best traits of petting a cat is that these animals are litter-box trained. As part of their hygiene routine, cats prefer to do their business in a specific place. Investing extra on your pet’s litter box is a great help since these animals are neat. But what are litter boxes?

Putting it simply, the litter box is for pets that roam freely around the house and cat uses this box more often. This is why it’s commonly referred to as cat toilet. It a collection box for their feces and urine hence you’ll no longer worry about messy or scattered waste around the house.

There are different kinds of litter boxes available in the market such as hooded-litter boxes, open litter pans, self-cleaning litter boxes, and top-entry litter boxes. Each type of boxes has their own edge, which you have to check thoroughly if your pet is fine with it or not.

Most cat owners prefer the hooded-litter box because it’s great for preventing wastes from leaking over the box while some prefer to buy the simplest and cheapest open litter pan because it provides great comfort to their pets. If you want to indulge your pet with the convenience of technology, the self-cleaning litter box is capable of emptying the box automatically. Among the three types of boxes, the top-entry litter box is the least recommended because it’s not as convenient as the rest of the boxes.

Good Points to Consider in Choosing the Right Box for Your Pet

So how do you know if you’re choosing the right litter box for your pet?

Choosing for your pet is never easy, but here are some good points to consider that may help you get the right box for your pet.

First, you have to bear in mind that cats can be territorial. If you have multiple cats at home, some may be unwilling to share their litter box. You can try to buy one litter box for them, and if one litter box doesn’t work, you’ll have to get individual boxes for your pets.

Second to consider are spaces. In doing your private things, surely you prefer to move freely, and that goes with cats also. You can’t just buy a grand litter box when your space is not enough for your pet. Hence you have to make sure there’s abundant space for your pet to make turns and move around their box.

The last thing for you to consider is your pet’s usual activities. You have to know your pet because, from its usual activities, you can tell what kind of litter box your pet needs. Will an open litter tray work better than a hooded-litter box or can your pet adjust if you were to invest in a techier litter box?

You have to gauge such information to determine the best type of litter box to purchase for your pet. You can start with the open-litter tray and eventually upgrade from time to time, just to pamper your pet. If your pet doesn’t have a problem with going a little bit of techy, then pamper your pet with the self-cleaning litter box.

Quick Overview About Cat Litters: What Litter to Buy?

Cats are recognized to be the neatest animal because of their hygiene maintenance, but when it comes to the smell of their urine and residuals, it’s very undesirable. Their feces and urine are very stinky. Just imagine smelling such odor every day at your house. This is why cat litter boxes are very crucial for every cat owner. Thanks to these boxes, bad residual odors are being controlled from spreading all over the house.

As an owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your cat’s litter box is always clean, preventing unwanted bacteria from harming your pet. Aside from getting a litter box for your pet, you also need to check on the best cat litter to put on your box. Cat litters are the reason why odor is being controlled, whether it’s a tracking or a non-tracking type of cat litter. Moreover, cat litters are great for your pet’s hygiene.

There are several cat litter types in the market that are available to choose from in maintaining your cat’s “business behavior.” These varieties of cat litters commonly include clay cat litter, crystal litters, litters made from corn wheat and pine, clumping litters and deodorant litters. Having different edges when it comes to features, these varieties may give you a hard time deciding.

4 of the Best Cheap Cat Litters to Consider for Your Pet

Certainly, with numerous cat litter types to consider, it will be very hard to identify which is which. The type of cat litter will also depend on how comfortable your cat is. However, if you’re also considering your budget as you search for the best cheap cat litter available, here are some cat litters to consider.

Freshen Up Your Cat’s Litter with Fresh Magic’s Premium Crystal

Looking for the Best Cheap Cat Litter for Your Favorite Pet

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If you want the cheap cat litter for your pet, the Premium Crystal Litter is just the right cat litter for you to consider. This litter introduced by Fresh Magic is recommended by a lot of users because of its exceptional features. It can certainly freshen up your cat’s litter box upon usage.

Made from silica sand, the Premium Crystal Litter may be new in the market, but it’s recognized by cat owners because of its great odor control. You don’t have to worry about bad odor, spreading all over your house. It keeps your pet’s smelly urine and feces in the litter box for a fresher ambiance.

This litter has a distinct process that kills harmful bacteria. The sand is being converted into crystals. What makes this process effective in absorbing moisture are numerous microscopic pores. Moisture is being pulled from the droppings, and this is why it’s great in controlling odor.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose whether you prefer the round ones or the chunky ones for your pet. Fresh Magic lets you choose to see which gives more comfort to your pet.

Giving you a heads-up about the Premium Crystal Litter, as per an Amazon buyer, you may face some struggles with chunky crystals because there are times that it doesn’t completely cover the feces. Moreover, there are also times that pets are uncomfortable with its sharp edges.

Spice Up Your Cat’s Litter Box With Scoop Away’s Cat Litter

Looking for the Best Cheap Cat Litter for Your Favorite Pet 1

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As you search for the best cheap cat litter available in the market, you should definitely check out what Scoop Away has to offer. The Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter is worth the shot, especially if you want to spice up your cat’s litter box with scented ones. Moreover, if you’re an owner of more than one cat, this is the most recommended cat litter for you to give a try.

If you’re very meticulous on odor control, you’ll definitely admire how the Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter works when it comes to controlling odor. This litter is well-formulated with Ammonia Shield. This keeps the odor from spreading further all over your house. Moreover, it’s also scented, which is why your pet will find comfort as you use this litter in their box. It neutralizes bad smell and provides a fresher feeling to your pet.

Another good thing about the Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter is its odor-locking technology. Cat owners admire how advanced the product is because you never have to dump anymore. This technology allows you to scoop alone and every time you do, it makes your pet’s litter box fresher on every scoop. It’s just great, especially if you have a lot of cats at home.

Some cat owners just had struggled with its strong scent, wherein this can some affect the health of your pet. Another heads-up is there’s a tendency for harder clumps, which may give your struggles in maintaining its cleanliness.

Keep a Clean Cat Litter Box Naturally With the Wee Kitty Litter

Looking for the Best Cheap Cat Litter for Your Favorite Pet 2

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Are you searching for the best cheap cat litter in the market? If you prefer something natural for your beloved pet, Rufus & Coco surely has something competitive to offer. If you’re thinking about saving without compromising cleanliness, the Wee Kitty Litter Clumping Corn is one of the most suggested cat litter in the market.

The Wee Kitty Litter Clumping Corn is recognized because it has been awarded the Hot Diggity Award in 2017. This litter is made from biodegradable corn. Moreover, it’s also packed with clumping technology that makes it a stand-out among corn-based cat litter.

When it comes to absorption, the Wee Kitty Litter Clumping Corn works effectively. This litter greatly absorbs moisture and liquid, keeping the bad odor from spreading in your home. It’s indeed great for odor-control, and this is highly recommended.

Another good thing about the Wee Kitty Litter Clumping Corn is that it’s dust-free, just like what most cat owners prefer and this litter is lightweight, giving every owner the ease in cleaning. Furthermore, this litter is long-lasting that it can be used up to eight weeks. You can surely save a lot when you use this litter in your pet’s box.

There’s a slight struggle in flushing this litter as you clean it. You’ll need to flush small quantities, which is why it is going to demand a little of your time as you clean your pet’s litter box.

Maintain Your Pet’s Litter Box With the Clumping Cat Litter

Looking for the Best Cheap Cat Litter for Your Favorite Pet 3

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As you search for the best cheap cat litter in the wide market, you’ll stumble on numerous tracking and non-tracking types of cat litter. Most of these cat litters contain different scents and cleaning chemicals. If you don’t want something harmful to your pet, the Clumping Cat Litter is the most suggested cat litter for your consideration.

Introduced by Integrity, the Clumping Cat Litter is mainly admired by cat owners because it doesn’t contain harmful substances. It doesn’t contain dyes, chemicals, or fragrances for a fancy way of maintaining a clean litter box. With this litter, you can still keep a clean and well-maintained box without compromising the health of your pet. It’s the best litter for cats, or even people, who are sensitive.

The Clumping Cat Litter is made with Wyoming sodium bentonite clay. This is why it’s great in controlling undesirable odor, preventing it from spreading in your house. There’s no need to worry about your pet’s litter box because it makes litter boxes less dusty and cleaner, thanks to the bentonite clay. Furthermore, another good thing about it is how it molds strong clumps.

If you have decided to buy the Clumping Cat Litter, one downside experienced by an Amazon buyer is how it tends to be sticky sometimes. Too fine particles are what make this litter sticky, making it uneasy for their pets to walk or do their private thing comfortably.

Premium Crystal Litter4.3/5 StarsGreat odor control, kills bacteria, exceptional absorption of moisture, provides fresh ambianceUncomfortable sharp edges of chunky crystals, doesn’t cover feces properly
Multi-Cat, Scented Cat Litter4.6/5 StarsBest in odor-controlling, formulated with Ammonia Shield, odor-lock technology, provides fresher ambianceStrong scent may affect your pet’s health, harder clumps
Wee Kitty Litter Clumping Corn4.9/5 StarsBiodegradable content, great for absorption, best for odor-control, long-lastingFlushable but in a very little amount at a time
Clumping Cat Litter4.2/5 StarsNo harmful contents and chemicals, exceptional in controlling odor, less dusty, molds stronger clumpsSticky

If you’re really on a budget out but you want to maintain your pet’s litter box, these are some of the best cheap cat litters for you to try. Whether if you have one cat or more, you can try these cat litters and see which best suits your pet’s comfort. Moreover, regardless of what type of litter box you keep at home, these cat litters are just workable.

Since cats are known to be neat, it’s just fair to give them a well-maintained litter box. You may need to invest a little for your pet, especially if you don’t want any undesirable odor spreading over your home. You can buy your pet whatever litter box you want them to have, but the most important thing is to purchase the right cat litter for them.

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