Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control

Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control Tested and Reviewed [2020 Products]

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You’ve cooked all day because your partners family is coming for dinner at your place, for the first time. You’ve chopped the onions, boiled the potatoes and followed that YouTube recipe that you had to pause every 30 seconds. You’ve set the table, did the dishes and dressed up. Everyone sits down for dinner and at that moment you see a look of disgust on your mother-in-law’s face.  “What’s that smell?” Your father-in-law gags. The five-course dinner is overpowered by a stench so angry it makes the Hulk look like a hippie. Time to go find the best cat litter box for odor control.

Turns out “Sniffles” left everyone a present in the litter box.

Wish you could eliminate litter box odor from your home now don’t you? You go to clean up the litter, the stench is so strong you lost all appetite. You hear your mother-in-law saying in the dining room how she was right about the cat.

Litter box that will prevent odor is crucial to your social life and the ability to relax at home. We always put our cats first (as they own us) but the best cat litter box for odor control will help us as well. We can then be happier people with happier cats.

We all lead busy lives and coming home to a stench is not something we put on our to-do list. We need to clean the litter constantly, but, the lingering stench will stay in the house for hours after – if the litter box is not good enough.

This is why we tested (our cats did, we observed) litter box until we found the best cat litter box for odor control.

Throw in some Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter in the mix and you got yourself free of the fear of inviting people over for dinner.

Everything To Look For When Buying A Litter Box For Odor Control

Covered or Uncovered Boxes

Covered boxes only make sense to contain the odor within the litter box. The best choices are the ones easily put apart or the ones that have a top entrance so that your cat can jump and out without the mess that stays. Uncovered boxes are not the popular choice for odor litter control but there are some that will surprise you. Using a good litter like Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter also helps out your cause, no matter which type you choose to buy.

Self-Cleaning Boxes  

Self-cleaning boxes seem like the perfect box at first. They clean while you’re away and they don’t let the smell linger. However, nothing is perfect (except for your cat, and my cat) so they do have some issues. First, they break. And when they break, you have to replace the parts and that ends up costing you money. Second, they scare cats. The weird noises and sudden movements scare cats more than water (well, a close second) and you don’t know how your kitty is going to react. If you invest in a good self-cleaning litter box and your cat is a brave warrior – then they are the best option.


To eliminate litter box odor from your home, size does matter. Bigger litter boxes do tend to hold the odor in longer and contained.  The best cat litter box for odor control will be a large sized one. If you’re short on space in your living arrangement, like if you live in a big city where they charge 2000$ for a studio apartment and call it “cosy”, then find a medium sized litter box. Covered boxes are better for bigger apartments, but a good medium sized covered box will fit into any bathroom. Your goal is a place that doesn’t smell like eggs ate a chicken and then died twice a day so a little bigger litter box will be a worthy sacrifice of space.

Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box,

One look and you understand this is the fanciest litter box you could ever imagine. Think about the life you’re about to embark on with your cat. They call it “the iPhone of litter boxes”. It’s sleek design really makes it look like an iPhone. This is the trendiest litter box I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been testing litter boxes a lot this past couple of days.

This thing has a reusable liner inside so you can take it out, wash it, put it back in. It’s the best cat litter box for odor control, you know it the moment you see it. Cats absolutely adore it. If cats had phones it’d be iPhones. Or no phones, because they’d be too cool for phones. They need litter boxes though.

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Easyology Large Disposable Cat Litter Box

Easyology Large Disposable Cat Litter Box

Here’s an idea that will change the world. Ok, that’s an overstatement, but here’s an idea that’s different. Are you ready? Disposable litter box. Ta-dam! It just eliminates cleaning altogether.Cat does its thing, you throw it out. This litter box is 100% biodegradable, you can re-use it for 4 weeks and after, just throw away and switch to a new one just the same.

Cats usually think that every time you throw away the litter you throw out their scent so they make sure to go the moment you get their litter box cleaned up. Just get your kittens used to the size and the look of this litter box, just like every else, and they will be fine. Your poop cleaning days are over with this thing!

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Iris Top Entry Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

This litter box is so cute it makes me want to get three, even though I own one cat. She should have options am I right?

Different colors and this sleek design, as well as a really private top entrance, allows this litter box on our top list. The entryway on top is large and accommodating so you won’t find Sniffles stuck in it with poop hanging out of the but. Yes, it works for chubby cats too. Another pro for this litter box is that the top has a slightly grooved lid to help remove litter from your cat’s paws. More on the litter box and less on the carpet!

There is something about the shape of this litter box that makes it look so good. This isn’t the only quality of this shape. The curves make it easier to clean! So you can eliminate litter box odor from your home and ease up on the cleaning.

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Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box

Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cat and Rabbit

This one first got our attention with its fun name. Yangbaga, so fun to pronounce over and over and over again until you realise you’re the only one left in the room and the experiment is over.

Yangbaga, try saying it, isn’t it so much fun?

Other than its fun name, stainless steel is a great idea if you want best cat litter box for odor control that’s easy to clean and maintain. Plastic is bad for the environment, our ocean life is dying because of it. Why not be the change you want to see in the world and start eliminating plastic? Your first item can be this litter box so your kitty and you save the world together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an un-covered box really eliminate odors?

Yes! People often wonder how an un-covered box can help eliminate odors but with the right litter and depth of the box, your kitty can enjoy the fresh air while looking at you going to the bathroom as well. We both know cats love to watch us be in the bathroom or shower (little creeps) so give them the opportunity to do so!

How to know which litter box will my cat like the most?

Well, you do your best right? Just make sure it’s big enough and it eliminates odors (for your sanity). The good news is your cat will let you know right away if the litter box is not up to their standard. The other good news (I’m full of good news) is that if you do train them from when they were little they will just like the one you give them.

What if I have to change my cat’s litter box?

You want a new litter box for whatever reason and you need to train your kitty on it. You should leave both litter boxes out, so the cat can explore the new box. Maybe they like it better right away, in that case, you can just switch and kiss your cat because she’s not a fussy one.

Fast forward to a couple of months later now. You’re having friends for dinner at your house, the wine is sweet, the conversation is flowing. Sniffles comes over to cuddle and no one even knows he just dropped a massive turd in the room next to you. You learned from your mistakes from before. Never again will an odor ruin your dinner. Sniffles will just get all the attention he deserves in the right way. Congratulations, you’ve found the best cat litter box for odor control.

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