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Top 5 cat litters for odor controlHello Visitor

I am Cat-Woman aka Roxanne and welcome to my site.

I am 27 and I have been in love with cats since I adopted a little kitty back when I was 16.

I currently have two cats, Nancy and Tom. Nancy is an adorable Persian cat – calling her a ball of fluff would be an understatement. While Tom is an American Shorthair, whom I rescued last year. (He doesn’t seem too thrilled about it though).

Oh yes, I also rescue cats and give them a temporary home at my house until I can find a suitable family for them.

I have noticed that cats have an inherent need to be clean and odor free, more so than humans. And they poop and pee more than humans as well.

When I initially got my first kitten, the house smelled of cat pee and cat poop every day. My mom used to freak out. But I was never bothered. It wasn’t until when I moved out into my own house and had to entertain house guest and was responsible for cleaning that I first smelled it.

At first I’d get the cheapest cat litter I could find at the local Walmart and just go with it. But over time, I have experienced that different cats have different needs. The odor not only smells foul but also hampers the pleasant atmosphere of your house. So, to avoid these foul smells, you need to buy the best cat litter for odor control.

For years, I have researched the internet, participated in forums and facebook groups looking for the perfect cat litter for my babies. I’d receive a ton of Private Messages everyday owing to my experience with cats.

So finally, I launched BestCatLitterForOdorControl.com with the help of another cat-loving friend of mine.

This is where I find the best cat litters available online and review them. I intend to make this site, every cat owner’s one-stop solution for all cat litter needs.

Our site will provide you unbiased reviews about different models of cat litters and also include many helpful buyer’s guides to enable you to make wise and informed purchasing decision.

If you’ve got questions, you can contact me through the contact form on the site.


Roxanne aka Cat-Woman